Offshore forex companies

In our modern world today, carrying out business offshore is becoming more common. Setting up offshore businesses to fulfill the needs of other offshore individuals and businesses is becoming increasingly profitable. One of the potentially profitable offshore possibilities is operating offshore Forex companies.

Having a Forex license in the country where the Forexcompany operates is mandatory. Operating a Forex company without a valid license is illegal.

Forex regulations and licensing issues are quite complex and it is advisable to use the assistance of a professional consultant who will be able to guide you through the Forex license application process, explain all of the regulatory requirements, draft business plans and manuals that are part of the Forex license application procedure.

To obtain a Forex license, it is extremely important to establish a properly structured and managed legal entity since the company will not only have to comply with the usual legal requirements applicable to any company, but it will also need to take into consideration any additional requirements that the authorities require in the jurisdiction of choice.

Choosing a Jurisdiction for obtaining a Forex License

Forex companies will want to find the best jurisdiction that can offer the most benefits when obtaining the Forexlicense. There are numerous factors to consider when choosing the type of Forex license and regulatory jurisdiction such as minimum capital requirements, corporate taxation, regulatory compliance, anti-money laundering regulations, qualifications of staff, period of time for obtaining a Forex license and the costs involved in getting aForex license. Some jurisdictions have more flexible regulations while others have an excess regulatory approach. Being licensed by the regulatory authority ensures that companies conducting Forex activities maintain strict quality control standards and are subject to audits and evaluations from time to time forcing licensed companies to comply with industry standards. Forex companies must also maintain a sufficient level of funds and liquidity to meet financial obligations and execute and complete Forex contracts with clients

Recommended Jurisdictions for setting up Forex Companies

  • Belize
  • British Virgin Islands
  • Seychelles
  • Mauritius
  • New Zealand
  • Panama

Benefits of Setting Up Offshore Forex Companies

  1. Individuals and corporations move offshore to protect assets and maintain privacy. Since these individuals and corporations take their wealth with them, they prefer to maintain their offshore benefits by doing business with other offshore entities. This gives offshore Forex companies the advantage of having access to profits from offshore trading funds estimated at trillions of dollars.
  2. Companies choose offshore jurisdictions because they are less expensive and offer many advantages such as flexible labor laws and wage scales giving the individual or corporation more profits.
  3. Setting up and operating an offshore Forex company can give the individual or corporation a steady income of fees and commissions.
  4. Businesses move offshore because many jurisdictions offer asset protection. Setting up an offshore Forex company usually involves integrating the company with other offshore entities such as International Business Corporations, International Foundations and International Trusts. The asset protection of these entities carries over into doing business and keeping monies protected.
  5. An offshore Forexcompany that is properly set up can greatly enhance its personal privacy, asset protection and security.

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