Companies offshore

Offshore companies are companies that are incorporated outside a country of residence.

The benefits of incorporating companies offshore include:

  • Anonymity/Privacy
  • Asset protection
  • Lawsuit protection
  • Tax savings
  • Simplicity
  • Financial privacy
  • Confidentiality
  • Flexible business laws

The most popular jurisdictions to incorporate companies include:

  1. Nevis: one of the most popular jurisdictions for asset protection and financial privacy. Nevis is known for its political stability, firm asset protection regulations based on American and English Common Law making it a leading choice for company incorporation.
  2. Samoa: Ranked second for offering asset protection and financial privacy, the Samoa International Finance Authority Act regulates and promotes Samoa as an offshore business center to the world.
  3. Belize: With a legal system based on English Common Law, Belize offers strong legal protection for financial privacy. It is also well known as having a strong international banking infrastructure and a law that offers many benefits for International Business Companies that operate outside Belize.
  4. British Virgin Islands (BVI): BVI companies offer maximum asset protection, exemption from local taxation and maximum privacy through the use of bearer shares.
  5. Panama:Considered a tax haven, Panama has one of the tightest financial privacy policies in the world. It is a popular jurisdiction for its financial structure making it the ideal jurisdiction for international business activities and investments. Private Interest Foundations offer estate planning and asset protection tools, characteristics that separate Panama from other jurisdictions. There are no reporting requirements, bearer shares are allowed and records can be kept in any place in the world and company information need not be filed by registered agents.
  6. Bahamas: Bahamas is well known for its offshore banking infrastructure and is a popular jurisdiction for its anonymity, exemption of personal and corporate taxation, low fees and a government that does not disclose information.
  7. Dominica: Offshore companies incorporated in Dominica enjoymany benefits including no estate or death taxation, exchange controls nor capital gains. Meetings are not required, shares can be issued with or without par value and the directors can be natural personas or corporations.

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