Offshore vehicle registration

Offshore vehicle registration has become increasingly popular in Europe where it is legal and common to drive vehicles registered in other countries.

Reasons for registering vehicles offshore

  1. The vehicle not being able to comply with local registration requirements, although it is in safe working condition with minimal engine emissions.
  2. Expensive mechanical and emissions testing prior to registration of imported vehicles.
  3. Expensive VAT and import duties on new imported vehicles upon first registration.

Requirements for registering vehicles offshore

  1. Completed and signed application form
  2. Copy of vehicle´s original invoice
  3. Copy of vehicle´s original registration certificate
  4. Color photo of vehicle
  5. Copy of owner´s driver´s license
  6. Copy of owner´s passport
  7. Certification of the vehicle´s roadworthinessissued by a mechanic

Benefits of registering vehicles offshore

  1. Low registration fees and annual fees.
  2. Tax savings by avoiding European VAT, luxury taxes and others.
  3. License plates and registration documents are delivered to you by courier.
  4. Legally avoid expensive compliance tests.

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